J Bliss Studios

Visit Vortex Winter 2018

Behind the scenes at J Bliss Studios. Each piece at J Bliss Studios, whether jewelry or art, is handcrafted by husband-and-wife team Jared and Joanna Bliss in their Woodstock studio and storefront. Whether it's using heirloom stones, working with a motif that holds sentimental value, or creating the jewelry of your dreams, they are happy to work with you. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Catskills, using harmony diamonds and recycled gold, they create meaningful and unique jewelry of all kinds.

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Wedding Vortex 2018

Something Old, Something New

by Anne Pyburg Craig

“We reuse stones and diamonds all the time,” says jeweler Joanna Bliss of J Bliss Studios, “when people have a piece that’s not quite their style but has meaning to them and they don’t want it want to sit in a box. It’s very fulfilling work. A wedding is a very emotional time for people, and I love helping them express it. I just put one on my Instagram [feed]—a mother came in and had diamonds from a piece she had when she was younger made into a necklace for her daughter’s wedding day.”

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Hudson Valley Magazine

J Bliss Studios Puts Down Roots in Woodstock

This husband-and-wife shop offers gorgeous custom jewelry and meticulously inked drawings.

By Colleen Stewart. Published 4/17/2017

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Photos by Colleen Stewart

Photos by Colleen Stewart

New York Spaces

A Colorful and Nature-Filled Tour of Woodstock, New York

By Nicole Haddad. Published 4/12/2017

"Joanna Bliss, who opened up her jewelry studio and storefront, J. Bliss Studios, with her artist husband last August, reflects on the town's popularity for the creative. "Being artists in Woodstock means being a part of something bigger than ourselves. There is a longstanding tradition of Woodstock being home to artists that are both supported by and contribute to the town."  "

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Photos by Nicole Haddad

Photos by Nicole Haddad